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As a parent I can think of no worse fate than to suffer the lose of a child.  For many people, the lose of a child doesn’t always refer to certain death but in many cases to a missing or abducted child, whose fate is undetermined for any lengthy period of time.  In many cases of abducted or missing children, parents will spend years if not the rest of their lifetime trying to track down even the smallest of clues to uncovering information that might produce a lead on the whereabouts of their child.  There has been a flood of amazing kidnapping rescues in the news lately.  In Columbus, Ohio, 3 women were freed from abusive captivity after more than a decade of being held against their will.  The women were abducted in their neighborhood as young girls and were subjected to unimaginable things over the course of their imprisonment.  Most recently an American girl named Savannah Harris Todd was found in Australia 19 years after her mother fled the country over issues of child custody with her father.  In the case of Savannah Todd Harris, the outcome of her story is far better than most.  She is safe and otherwise healthy, having suffered no abuse or injury, Savannah after being kidnapped when she was 10 months old,  has by all accounts lived a fairly normal life, aside from moving from South Africa, to New Zealand and then on to Australia.

The tragedy in the story however has to do with the father of the Savannah, who has been searching for his daughter for 19 years.  That is 19 years of pain and anguish for the father who essentially never got a chance to know his daughter.  If you asked most any parent how far they would go to find their missing child, they would probably tell you, “to the ends of the Earth” and in Savannah’s case that’s exactly where authorities had to search to find her.  Savannah’s father and family are undoubtedly grateful for the long term efforts of authorities from both countries who worked in conjunction to solve the case.

In the case of missing or abducted children, time and resources are everything when it comes to reuniting parents with their children.  Try to imagine the unthinkable for just a minute.  Your child has been kidnapped.  There are few clues or leads to follow and there are concerns that the person who has your child might be fleeing the country.  In this scenario time is of the utmost importance.  As soon a kidnapped child leaves their country of origin, the complexities involved with searching for them become exponentially increased.  In this terrible situation, time and resources can be the difference between searching for days and searching for decades.

In many cases local, state and federal police investigators are working with limited and often depleted budgets and resources when searching for the missing or abducted.  One of the ways that people can increase the available resources used for tracking down a child, is to hire a private detective.  Hiring a private detective is a great way to add additional professional help in tracking down a missing or abducted child.  Private investigators are not bound to the time and resource constraints of police and federal agencies.  Private investigators can also utilize unconventional methods to uncovering facts and leads.

Private investigator Doug Pearson has spent the last 3 decades, solving a variety of cases including kidnapping and missing persons.  Doug understands that every passing day can be feel like a lifetime of agony to the friends and family of the abducted or missing.  Doug Pearson, Act Now Investigations owner and licensed private investigator, has solved hundreds of cases of missing persons, bringing resolve and resolution to the families.  Through a combination of Doug’s thorough researching skills and inventive methods of uncovering pieces of information, Doug has the ability and resources to follow leads where traditional police investigations can’t.  As a father, Doug understands the emotional impact of loosing a child, as well as the intense desire parents have to never give up searching for their children.  Below are some of the methods the private investigator implores when searching for a missing or abducted person.

  • Identifying cell phone usage and history
  • Researching additional physical or circumstantial evidence
  • Developing a daily timeline of the individual’s habits or patterns
  • Researching computer usage
  • Locating and interviewing witnesses who may have information about the individual.
  • Conducting surveillance on friends, family and associates who may be involve

If you or someone you know is searching for a missing or abducted child, give Doug Pearson of Act Now Investigations a call to find out about how he can help track them down.  (913) 469-0006 or visit his website www.actnowinvestigations.com

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