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Hi, this is Kevin over at Blogger Local. I wanted to check in today and let you know about one of our wonderful businesses here and the service that he offers. We’re talking about Doug Pearson at Act Now Investigations. He does a wonderful job of all types of investigative services but he specifically is the best at runaway investigations. If you have runaway or possibly God forbid an abduction or kidnapping here in area Missouri, he’s the guy to call. He really is great at it. He does a number of things but his services incorporate interviewing acquaintances and or conducting surveillance on friends and associates known to work, school, clubs and after hour activities.

He does locating and interviewing witnesses who may have information about the individual. He knows how to check into everything that needs to be done to identify any activity that could lead to finding of an individual including cellphone history and usage and text and tapping into that. He can work with police and government agencies as well as nonprofit organizations. He can do everything and anything to help you locate a missing individual. Again, whether it be a runaway, kidnapping or an abduction. If you’re in the Kansas or Missouri area, in particular and you’ve got an abduction or a kidnapping that you need to have investigated or possibly a runaway, you want to give him a call.

Again, it’s Doug Pearson, Act Now Investigations. He’s a private investigator. His phone number is 913-469-0006, toll-free 888-469-1956. His website is actnowinvestigations.com. Again his name is Doug Pearson, licensed private investigator in Missouri. Again, if you have any of those situations and you need investigations for it done, give Doug a call and he can help you out. again, actnowinvestigations.com. Thank you very much for checking in today and visiting our websites. Again, this is Kevin at Blogger Local. Thanks again.