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Hiring a personal attorney is a major decision for people residing. In most instances the need for a private attorney can be closely linked with events and proceedings that can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of people’s lives, in some cases positively and others negatively.  For those in need of an attorney’s services, it is expected that the attorney will utilize every conceivable legal means to help prove their case.  Besides relying on their experience and education, attorney’s often look to outside  methods of gathering information to help them gain the substantial  and conclusive evidence needed to win cases.  One of the external resources that attorneys often utilize to help them win cases is to hire a licensed private investigator.  Attorneys depend on private investigators to help them sort through mountains of information, tips, leads and witnesses.

Private investigator Doug Pearson has been been serving the needs of private citizens and attorney’s for over 20 years.  Doug is a licensed private investigator in both Kansas and Missouri and has worked with a wide ranging assortment of personal and specialty attorneys to help them gain valuable insights into cases they were representing.  Mr. Pearson owns and operates Act Now Investigations which specializes in many services that directly assist attorneys in building their case.  As we’ve seen previously from working with Doug on The Colonel From Trieste, he is an exceptionally resourceful professional who utilizes his years of experience to come up with inventive solutions to gathering the desired information of his clients.

Dough provides a long list of services to area attorneys including gathering witness testimony, asset searches, background checks, surveillance.  Doug Pearson is also a licensed process server.  Process serving, formally known as Service of Process, is the act of personally delivering legal documents such as a summons, complaint, subpoena or other court document. Process servers are generally utilized to help track down and professionally deliver important court documents that may be addressed to a hard to find individual.  Process serving is an important step in formal court proceedings and related events.  Lawyers rely on licensed process servers like Doug Pearson of Act Now Investigations, to deliver important court documents because they have the surety of knowing that Doug is intimately familiar with the procedures needed to be upheld so that all documents issued and gathered can remain admissible in court.

If you are in the market for a process server or need additional resources, don’t hesitate to call Doug Pearson of Act Now Investigations to find out more about how he can help you professionally gather the necessary facts, documents and witness testimony to close your cases.  Give him a call at (13) 469-0006 or visit his website for information on available services.  www.actnowinvestigations.com

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