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This is Kevin Downey at KD Reports. Today we are taking a look at Act Now Investigations, Private Investigator. He is a private investigator, Doug Pearson. They have offices in St. Louis, and Omaha. Primary headquarters. If you are looking for a private investigator in Johnson County, certainly Act Now Investigations should be at the top of your list; again fully licensed and insured Missouri. This is Act Now Investigations. License numbers are right on the website if you want to take a look, that’s great.

Our contact form is right here. Act Now Investigations has a contact form right on their page. Of course, you can always call 913-469-0006. For those of you outside, you can call the 800 number. That is 888-469-1956.

Let’s take a look at Act Now’s primary services. The firm spends great deal of their time for clients on domestic and infidelity issues. They do a lot of investigations here in Johnson County on drug and alcohol abuse, physical and psychological abuse, gambling issues, trying to get evidence for court cases and for proof of things, child neglect, child abuse, elderly rights, terminating rights, et cetera, et cetera. Infidelity obviously is its own category, that’s a big part of what Act Now does.

If you are looking for evidence of neglect or infidelity, if you suspect that your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on you, Act Now Investigations is a confidential, professional private investigations firm in that can help you deal with that. The principal investigator is Doug Pearson. Their phone number at the office is 913-469-0006. Doug is often times busy in the field. If you get his receptionist don’t be bashful. It is very private. It is confidential and professional firm. Just leave a message for Doug and he will give you a call.

Let’s take a look at their other services though while we are here. If you got abductions, missing persons, kidnapping, those sorts of things, Doug can be very helpful as well as his firm in general. His people are very good at these kinds of investigations. They work with the police and government agencies, nonprofits, for doing investigations and do a really good job. They also do process serving for legal firms and things like that. Do have a full array of services and this is just the things that are mentioned primarily on the website. There is a bevy of other services that the firm offers and can do investigations on.

If you are looking for tracking, GPS tracking that is something Act Now can help with as well. You have to call them for details on that. This is Act Now Investigations, Private Investigator. Lead investigator is Doug Pearson. You want to call him at 913-469-0006. This is Kevin Downey at KD Reports checking out Act Now Investigations. Hope you have a good one. Thanks.