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Good morning this is Kevin Downey with KD Reports for Act Now Investigations, wanted to just give him a little plug. Act Now Investigations has been doing my investigations for a little while and really Doug Peterson with Act Now is the best investigator. If you are in need of a private investigator for your personal reasons for business, anything that you need from an investigator standpoint, you really need to call him. His name is Doug Peterson. He’s the principal at Act Now Investigations phone number is (913) 469-0006.

You should give him a call. He really is the best. Again, his name is Doug Peterson. He’s a licensed investigator in the state of Missouri, handles investigations throughout the Midwest. You want to give him a call (913) 469-0006. Whatever your investigative needs are, if you are looking for someone to do some investigating on maybe a former spouse, your ex, your ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever, really he’s great. Also if your business and you have somebody who owes you quite a bit of money and collections is in [cut 00:01:15] because there’s no way to contact these people anymore, Doug can find them out. He can sniff them out.

That’s the one thing, he did that for us and it was really, really effective for one of my companies. Sometime ago, he did a great job. He found who we were looking for and we’re able to get some money out of her. Anyway, you want to call him Doug Peterson Act Now Investigations (913) 469-0006. He also has a toll-free number 888-469-1956 for private investigative services area as well as Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, give him a call to actnowinvestigations.com.

This is Kevin Downey with KD Reports signing off have a good one.