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The Statistics

One of the absolute biggest joys in life can be found in raising children.  The joy of raising children, for many people, is part of the larger journey found in marriage.  In the United States, according to the American Psychological Association, 40-50% of marriages end in divorce.  In most instances of divorce amongst parents of children, parental rights are shared evenly with both parents sharing custody.  Not all divorces end amicably with shared custody or visiting rights for both parents, some divorces end with substantially different outcomes.  Sometimes marriage can end in infidelity, while other times it can end because one parent feels the well fare of their child(ren) is jeopardized by the action or inactions of the other parent.


In certain instances a parent during child custody hearings, may make an appeal to the courts that the rights to visitation and custodial power of their spouseto be curtailed or even in some extreme cases, terminated, if it can be proven that the parent in question has a limited capacity for care, has a history of negligence, or presents a clear threat or danger to the child.  For example, if a couple was getting a divorce and the father had suspicions that his wife and mother of his child was a habitual user of cocaine, he would have legitimate concern for the safety and well being of his child.  In another example, imagine that a person is getting divorced and has suspicions that their spouse has ties to organized crime.  It would be safe to assume that a child could inadvertently get caught up in retaliation or crime associated with his father’s lifestyle choices and perhaps even end up being taken out of state in the event the parent flees from police or criminal elements.

In both examples, however, it would be necessary for both parents who have concerns for the safety of their children, to present evidence to the courts to help them plead their case during the child custody hearing.  The more powerful, substantial and convincing evidence a parent can produce during a child custody hearing, the better chance they will have of protecting the interests of their children.  How do parents gather the necessary evidence to prove their position in a child custody hearing?  In private investigator Doug Pearson of Act Now Investigations, has been providing invaluable evidence, information and resources to people involved in child custody hearings and other avenues of investigation, for over 20 years.

Hiring a Private Investigator

The licensed private investigator can gather everything a parent needs to help document evidence of abuse, neglect or potential endangerment.  Suspicious your spouse or soon to ex-spouse might be hiding a drug habit and don’t want your child exposed to the negative lifestyle and it’s risks?  Doug Pearson can run surveillance to gather video, audio or photographic evidence of drug abuse.  Do you need to prove that your spouse has been spending your children’s college funds on a gambling habit?  Doug can track down and provide to the courts, detailed financial reports and documentation,that can illustrate the risk the financial irresponsibility of the mother could have on her children’s well being.

There are a wide assortment of services Doug Pearson can provide to those parents in need of resources and information during child custody hearings.  To find out more about the services the private investigator offers, give him a call at (913) 469-0006 or visit Act Now Investigations’ website.  www.actnowinvestigations.com

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