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 Family & Domestic Child Custody Issues

Don’t Live Another Day With Stressful Family & Domestic Issues, ACT NOW

You may call upon Act Now Investigations to assist in personal matters involving a spouse, child, boyfriend or girlfriend. We tailor our service to your specific circumstance and act as your personal investigative advisor.

Are you being verbally threatened? Is your partner physically or emotional abusive? Are there issues of mistrust or do you feel your partner is misleading you? Our expertise is built on an ability to professionally guide you through the investigative process. You need a partner you can trust and confide in. Our years of proven expert experience will guide you through this uncertain time to help bring resolution to your circumstances.

Additionally, surveillance and interviews are often used in each case. Your Private Investigator works directly with you to uncover issues involving:


  • Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction
  • Physical or psychological abuse
  • Money and/or gambling problems
  • Child Neglect and/or Abuse
  • Grandparents rights
  • Terminating rights and visitations
  • Divorce property division and ownership

You deserve to work with someone you can trust

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