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It’s Tuesday, June 4th, 2013. This is Kevin Downey with KD Reports. Today, we’re taking a look at Act Now Investigations, private investigative firm based in the Metropolitan Area. It’s owned and operated by Douglas Pearson, a licensed investigator of over 23 years, licensed in Missouri, although Doug does cover the entire United States with some of his investigations.

Today, we’re going to take a look at his website, types of investigations Doug handles, the kind of an overview of what he can do for you, and then just take a look at a few little side notes within his website.

Let’s take a look on his homepage. Doug explains a little about him, what he’s done, what he currently does, type of investigations he handles. Again, he’s been in business and doing investigations for over 23 years.

At the core of Doug’s work is infidelity and family domestic issues. It’s primary work that he does from an investigative point of view, although he does handle other cases and process serving, but we’re going to take a look at that here in a second.

One page he has that’s nice is Why Hire a Private Investigator goes into a number of different details as to exactly why am I hire a private investigator can be very useful and helpful in handling legal entanglements as well as providing defense and other things, so an investigator is very helpful especially when law enforcement isn’t able to help in certain circumstances.

Services that Doug provides include a number of different things. Again, we’ve covered infidelity, family and domestic issues, abductions, kidnappings, missing persons, and runaways in addition to process serving.

Doug can handle investigations of personal nature anywhere in the country on behalf of clients in Missouri or do Missouri investigations on behalf of clients anywhere in the United States.

Again, all kinds of different issues, whether you have a cheating spouse or possibly family or domestic issues as well as missing children, runaways, et cetera, Doug can do just about any type of investigations, which is nice. He also, again, does handle process serving on behalf of attorneys in the government in the area.

On his site, he also has a nice Learn More page and Frequently Asked Questions page, I should say, which has some answers to some basic questions people have when they’re looking to hire an investigator, so please review that if you’re looking for investigative services in the Metropolitan Area or in Missouri.

Finally, he has a contact page, and one of the things you should know is that while he does have a first and last name form on his contact page, certainly with any private investigative firm, you can contact them in an anonymous fashion and get some very good information from them to give you an idea as to whether or not it’s the right thing to do is to hire an investigator or whether or not it’s something you can justify financially. But he does have a contact page and asks for a little bit of information to be able to work with you.

Anyway, that’s it. It’s an overview of Act Now Investigations, private investigators, private investigators for over 23 years. Phone number is 913-469-0006, toll free 888-469-1956, and the website is actnowinvestigations.com.

Again, this is Kevin Downey with KD Reports signing off. Thank you very much.